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About Us

  • Support adults with disabilities in all areas of daily living

  • Provide opportunities for growth and recovery to its consumers

  • Promote the highest level of independence possible for individuals with disabilities

Here at Opportunity Enterprises services are provided in an individualized atmosphere directed by the person receiving the services to the best of their ability. The agency utilizes a team approach, seeking input from those within the individual’s circle of support. The individuals and their teams understand that, although they are able to benefit from the resources of a larger agency, they are part of an intimate group of professionals centered on the needs of only one person.


At Opportunity Enterprises we believe that everyone is a person of worth, and therefore deserves to live the life they desire. Together we work so that all individuals may make choices for their lives in an environment of safety, respect, personal growth, self-defined recovery, and community involvement. We work together with integrity, assure the highest quality, and practice responsible stewardship of our resources.

Opportunity Enterprises believes that consumers should have choices regarding the services that they receive, and should feel that their services are the only concern of the staff assigned to work with them. By truly listening to the consumers’ dreams, the staff are better able to assist the individual with obtaining the life they desire. When consumers have a sense of control over their lives, they are more receptive to services and work harder to achieve the goals that they have established. Staff are there to “support” and not to “direct”. When the individual is not able to speak for themselves, the team will work towards determining what they feel the consumer would say if able.


To learn more about some of our other programs, please click the links below.

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